Premium Brand New 2.6kg co2 Cylinder Full with regulator

Premium Brand New 2.6kg co2 Cylinder Full with regulator

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Premium Brand New 2.6kg co2 Gas Cylinder Full with regulator

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Price as configured: $142.49



2.6kg co2 cylinder:
This is a convenient 2.6kg (meaning they hold 2.6kg of co2) size co2 cylinder and it comes with full bottle of CO2. The 2.6kg of CO2 will be enough to dispence approx 300 litres of beer. If you are using it for home brew and using the gas to carbonate, and dispence it will do approximately 180 litres of beer. (These figures are based on use with a kegerator, some systems that require higher pressures will consume more gas).
Australian Standards 2.6kg CO2 cylinder.
1. Australian Standards Approved to AS2030 (play it safe, make sure your cylinders are AS203 approved. Non-Australian Standar cylinders are also difficult to get refilled and the threads don't match Australian regulators and equipment) 
2. Durable steel cylinder 
3. Swap and go system - no waiting for you cylinder to get refilled. (It is only available for purchasing a new cylinder from us) 
4. Use the same thread as any CO2 BOC, Supagas, cylinder. Compatible with Micromatic, Harris, Andale, and Keg King fittings. 
5. Empty cylinders can be refilled by most local home brew stores or aquarium shops. Normally it will cost $25-$35 for a 2.6kg cylinder. Most places can fill on spot or they can offer a swap and go service. ;
6. NO RENTAL - It's your cylinder, no monthly rental ever again! 
7. DIMENSIONS: 45cm (height) x 14cm (diameter)

The Type 30 for CO2 / Post Mix Gas - Dual Gauge gas regulator is the only regulator you'll ever need to buy.  With a large body and precision diaphragm, this regulator provides high flow rates and very accurate adjustments in both psi and kpa.
The most common problem with regulators sold on the market was that contamination would occur through the seat and cap assembly within the regulator.  This has now been solves with a second sintered filter on the underside of the seat assembly, within the regulator, to block contaminants.- Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene seat assembly (UHMWPE). The new UHMWPE is far superior in chemical resistance and stability than other big brand names that use Teflon. - 0 - 50 PSI - 1/4 in Barb - Improved seat and seat cap design - Fully encapsulated seat assembly helps prevent contamination Australian Type 30 Nut & Stem as standard. This regulator can be used for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Post Mix, Argon with the correlating nut and stem. Type 10 Nut & Stem : Oxygen, Argon, Helium Type 30 Nut & Stem : CO2, CO2/Nitrogen Mixed Gas Type 50 Nut & Stem : Nitrogen

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